Domain Administration

With increasing numbers of projects and domains, it is easy to lose the overview. Structure your portfolio on time. We offer you a clearly arranged management level. Available in the near future.
Domain Registration

Your desired domain is still available? Then send us a short message. We take care of everything for you.

Domain Management

Organisation and structure for your domain projects: Thanks to optimum user guidance and clearly arranged web interface.

DNS Management

A powerful, yet simple DNS management gives you control over your domains.

Desired Domain

Is your desired domain still available? Let us advise you individually and independently. Find out your options and get possible alternatives explained. Thus you reach maximum success for your business.

Price List
Extension Price / Year Country / Name
.de 10,00 Euro Germany
.com 20,00 Euro Commercial
.net 20,00 Euro Network
.org 20,00 Euro Organisation
.info 20,00 Euro Information
.eu 24,00 Euro Europa
.at 35,90 Euro Austria
.ch 51,77 Euro Switzerland
.es 70,21 Euro Spain
.it 71,40 Euro Italy 21,42 Euro United Kingdom
.dk 26,18 Euro Denmark
.cz 70,21 Euro Czech Republic
.ru 53,55 Euro Russia
.fr 53,55 Euro France
.nl 33,32 Euro Netherlands
.se 44,03 Euro Sweden
.pl 70,21 Euro Poland
.asia 46,41 Euro Asia
.ie 188,02 Euro Irland
.lv 116,62 Euro Latvia
.be 17,85 Euro Belgium
.lt 69,02 Euro Lithuania
.ro 166,60 Euro Romania
.us 26,18 Euro United States
.ua 178,50 Euro Ukraine
.tv 46,41 Euro Tuvalu
.si 116,62 Euro Slovenia
.by 226,10 Euro Byelorussia
.gr 142,80 Euro Greece
.mx 105,91 Euro Mexico
.jp 141,61 Euro Japan
.hu 105,91 Euro Hungary
.no 94,01 Euro Norway